Did you know that you can prevent scarring and significantly improve the appearance of scars?

As a dermatologist, I see a wide variety of skin injuries every day, caused by accidents or dermatological procedures and therapies. Often these heal very well by themselves. The power of the skin to regenerate itself is fascinating. In some cases, however, the process of skin regeneration needs some support so that scarring does not occur. Since there was no product on the market that met my expectations for better skin regeneration, I decided to go on a search myself. The result after several years of intensive research is the development of our first product, Decalys LE BAUME, a skin-regenerating balm.


Skin regeneration also plays a major role in scars: Some scars redden or begin to proliferate, others fade again over time. This resulted in three other products for the prevention and intensive care of scars and stretch marks: Decalys LA POMMADE, LE GEL and CICAFILM.

Le Baume

Soothing repairing balm, 40ml

36,90 CHF

incl. 8,1% VAT

zzgl. Versandkosten

La Pommade

Scar remodeling & prevention, 30ml

42,90 CHF

incl. 8,1% VAT

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Le Gel

Scar treatment silicone gel,


38,90 CHF

incl. 8,1% VAT

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Pansement cicatrice en silicone, 3 unités 10x15cm

52,90 CHF

incl. 8,1% VAT

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