Skin regeneration as a passion 

Decalys Medical the product line by the Swiss Dermatologist Dr Valérie Enderlinspecialized in skin surgery and laser treatments. She is  the  owner and founder of Decamed Skin and Laser Center and of Decaspa Medical Beautyan  Institute for medical cosmetic treatments. Both are based in Zurich Seefeld and were founded by Dr Enderlin in 2014 . 


At the present time media propagates exaggerated ideals of beauty. Only perfection counts. Every day in my practice I am confronted to these expectations. It is no longer just about treating skin diseases, but about striving for a perfect, radiant, flawless young skin.

Skin injuries and scars do not fit into the picture. However these cannot simply be retouched and fad away like in a photo. I try to explain this to my patients. Nevertheless, modern dermatological technologies enable a significant improvement in the appearance of the skin. My goal is for my patients to feel comfortable in their skin again.

Dermatological technologies, such as laser treatments or microneedling, usually go hand in hand with a expected injury to the skin. The subsequent regeneration process of the skin can be supported by optimal care products.

«For many years I have been looking for the perfect product to promote skin regeneration. But nothing I found on the market met my requirements and high expectations.

That’s why I recommended that my patients mix different creams. But that wasn’t good enough either. So I decided to invest in research and develop my own formula. The result was my first product: LE BAUME, a regeneration balm that combines all the necessary properties in a single product.»

Dr. Enderlin

Gradually, more products were added to LE BAUMEThis resulted in the DECALYS Medical line: LA POMMADE, LE GEL and CICAFILM. These products were developed for the treatment of scars and for the prevention of stretch marks and surgical scars.

The DECALYS Medical product line is based on the concept of autophagy and contains the unique, patent-pending, Alpha-3 Complex®. This is contained in all Decalys Medical products (but the patches) and promotes skin regeneration.


Our philosophy is based on commitment, passion and dermatological know-how. We develop high-quality care products for various skin needs. The products are based on the latest scientific findings and meet the highest quality standards.

The entire development and manufacturing process of LE BAUME, LA POMMADE and LE GEL takes place exclusively in Switzerland.
DECALYS Medical: dermatological products from Switzerland.
Our cosmetic line is complemented by the silicone plaster CICAFILM, which is produced for us by a specialized manufacturer in France.


In the product development of the DECALYS Medical line, Dr Enderlin and her team did not compromise . 

The ingredients were carefully selected and extensively tested in their combination and dermatologically tested.

The innovation behind DECALYS Medical arises from the synthesis of Dr Enderlin’s practical experience with the latest results from research.

The result of this development process is the Alpha-3 Complex®, a new formula that acts on the different phases of the healing process of the skin. This Alpha-3 Complex® promotes skin regeneration and scar-free wound healing. Patent is currently pending.



Photo @ Fabrice Villard

As a Swiss company based in Zurich, it is important to us
that the production routes are as short as possible.

LE BAUME, LA POMMADE and LE GEL are exclusively manufactured and assembled in German-speaking Switzerland .

Behind the scene…


The exclusive Alpha-3 Complex® promotes the autophagy of the skin and acts on every phase of the skin regeneration process.




Swiss dermatologist Dr. Enderlin, skin surgeon and specialist in laser treatments.

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