HYDRA routine

DECALYS Dr. Enderlin’s line is a brand-new area of skincare ingredient science and innovation which focuses specifically on bringing a healthier balance to the skin by providing your skin with an adequate and accessible moisturizing routine.

When your skin doesn’t get enough moisture, it tends to flake and feel tight. Hydration is the key to a smooth and healthy appearance. Dr Enderlin has developed this special routine to turn your dry skin into a soft, plump, and radiant complexion. 

DR ENDERLIN'S hydra routine

Morning routine – 3 products

  1. First cleanse delicately your face with Gel douceur,
  2. Then moisturize applying the Lotion hydra calm on the face, neck and décolleté.
  3. End your routine by protecting your skin from pollution, sun and blue light with the Lotion multi-défense.


Gel douceur

Gentle face cleanser, 200ml

49,00 CHF

Lotion hydra calme

Soothing moisturizing lotion, 30ml

75,00 CHF

Lotion multi-défense

Anti-pollution & anti-UV lotion, 30ml

79,00 CHF

Night routine – 2 products + weekly extra

  1. First cleanse your face with Gel douceur,
  2. Then moisturize applying the Crème hydra intense on the face, neck and décolleté,
  3. Once a week apply a Masque alpha-regenerant to resource fully your skin


Gel douceur

Gentle face cleanser, 200ml

49,00 CHF

Crème Hydra Intense

Moisture boost cream, 50ml

160,00 CHF

Masque alpha-régénérant

Multi-regenerating mask, 3 sheet masks

69,00 CHF

Crème riche alpha-régénérante

Multi-regenerating cream, 50 ml

240,00 CHF

Contour yeux alpha-régénérant

Multi-regenerating eye cream, 15ml

120,00 CHF

Doctor’s tips for mature skin

And if your skin is very dry and needs to be more generously nourished replace the Crème hydra intense by the Crème riche alpha-régénérante in the evening – night routine.

To refresh your look add the Contour yeux alpha-régénérant on specific eyes area to your routine.