What can I do to prevent the wound from becoming a scar…

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The first priority is to provide optimal wound care. If the wound is bleeding, light compression with a clean swab will help. If the bleeding does not stop after some time, it is advisable to consult a doctor. You should also do this for particularly dirty wounds, bite wounds, pain or inflammation. Only lightly soiled cuts or abrasions should be cleaned carefully. It is best to rinse the wound under running water. Soap is not necessary. The wound should then be disinfected. Dab the wound dry and apply a suitable wound dressing or plaster. Change the dressing regularly. A dressing provides a moist wound environment. This way, wounds usually heal faster than if they are simply left to dry in the air. Scabs form during the healing process. This should not be removed under any circumstances. Normally, superficial wounds that only affect the upper layers of the skin heal without consequences.

Le Baumecan accelerate the healing of superficial abrasions. Once the scab has fallen off and the skin is intact again, silicone gels or plasters help to prevent scarring (Le Gel, Cicafilm).

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