What is the best way to care for my caesarean scar?

During a caesarean section, layers of skin are cut and sewn back together. The body cannot renew the destroyed tissue exactly as it was before and forms new tissue instead. A scar remains. The new tissue is often less elastic. It also differs in appearance from the rest of the skin (for example, no hair grows on the scar).

In the first week after the operation, the scar is initially still red and a little swollen. The scar should be regularly disinfected and kept dry. Mechanical irritation (e.g. tight clothes) should be avoided if possible. As soon as the stitches have been removed, scar treatment with CICAFILM is recommended.

The neutral silicone plaster CICAFILM lays on the scar like a second skin and improves the colour, texture and appearance of the scar in the long term.


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