What to do for irritated, reddened skin?

Picture by @Sharon McCutcheon

Irritated or red skin can have many different causes: External factors such as skin abrasions or too much sun. Dermatological treatments (e.g. laser treatments or chemical peels) also affect the protective barrier of the skin. Symptoms such as redness, scaling and itching may occur.

In these cases, the choice of the right care product is particularly important. Product: LE BAUME, a skin-renewing balm with a selected combination of active ingredients: aloe vera, which pleasantly cools and soothes the skin; zinc, which has an anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and wound-healing effect; Alpha-3 Complex® to promote skin regeneration.

LE BAUME was the first product in the Decalys Medical line and is therefore the number 1 product – this in every respect: thanks to its combination of active ingredients, Le Baume is a valuable helper for many skin problems.

Le Baume

Soothing repairing balm, 40ml

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