Le Gel

Scar treatment silicone gel,


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For the treatment of fresh scars on bare parts of the body (face, neck etc.). Ideal after minor operations on the face (e.g. eyelid lift) and uperficial skin injuries such as cuts, shaving injuries and acne scars.

The scar silikon gel Le Gel is a transparent, non-sticky silicone gel, rich in vitamin C. It forms a protective film on the closed wound or scar. This ensures an optimal moisture level for skin regeneration and improves the colour and texture of the scar in the long term.

Apply in a thin layer on the scar and let dry. Use twice a day for at least 2 to 3 months or as advised by your doctor. Suitable for adults and children.

• Fresh scars on the face and free areas of the body after thread removal

• Shaving injuries

• Acne scars

• Ideal after operations on the face (e.g. eyelid lift)

It is important to choose the right formulation for each phase:

LE BAUME (light cream):
LA POMMADE (rich ointment):
end of PHASE 2, PHASE 3 and healthy skin
LE GEL (silicone gel): PHASE 3
CICAFILM (silicone plaster): PHASE 3

PHASE 1 – Inflammation phase
PHASE 2 – Proliferation phase
PHASE 3 – Conversion phase