Crème Hydra Intense

Moisture boost cream, 50ml

160,00 CHF

This sumptuous moisturizing cream pampers your skin and provides it with extra moisture. It contains 3 molecular sizes of Hyaluronic acid to better reach and moisturize the different layers of your skin. Selected botanical extracts enhance glow and radiance.

In addition to its long-term moisturizing effect, Crème hydra intense boosts skin regeneration due to the proprietary Alpha-3 Complex® it contains.

Your skin feels comforted and intensely hydrated, all day long.

Moisturizing is fundamental for a smooth, elastic and radiant skin. Hyaluronic acid is naturally present in the skin to bind and retain water. This increases the elasticity of the skin and strengthens the natural protective skin barrier.

Moisturizing the skin is at the center of any beauty routine. Depending on your skin type, moisturize your skin once or twice a day. Always finish your daily skincare routine with a good UV protection.

DECALYS Crème hydra intense can also be used as a mask when your skin needs the ultimate nutrition.

For dry to normal skin, perfect for the sensitive ones.

Apply daily in the morning and evening, after your serum and before your protection (in the morning).

Place a dab of cream in the palm of your hand, be more generous with the cream for dry skin. Then, using both hands, distribute the rich cream gently on your face, neck and décolleté. Massage slowly for a few moments, applying a slight pressure, until the cream is absorbed.

Dry or mature skin will use Crème hydra intense twice a day, mixed skin will use Crème hydra intense in the evening and Lotion hydra calm in the morning. Young and oily skin will use only Lotion hydra calm. Always finish your morning skincare routine with a good UV protection.

  • Hyaluronic acid (3 molecular types) plumps & revitalizes
  • Panthenol (Vitamin B5) moisturizes
  • Aloe vera diminishes irritations & redness
  • Swiss Stone Pine extract enhances glow & radiance
  • Anti-oxidant (Vitamin E) to protect from free radicals
  • Alpha-3 Complex® to boost skin regeneration

For the full and most updated list of the ingredients please refer to the packaging.

A rich and creamy texture but light on the skin. Easily absorbed and moisturizing deeply. A moment of pure indulgence for your skin.

„Dry skin needs more than just hydration.

Moisturize and nourish it. ”

Dr. Enderlin
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