Le Baume

Soothing repairing balm, 40ml

36,90 CHF

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Suitable for irritated or reddened skin and for minor skin damage, e.g. abrasions and sunburn, as well as after dermatological peelings or laser treatments. For body, face and lips.

The cream Le Baume contains Alpha-3 Complex® to regenerate and restore the epidermis. Zinc prevents the proliferation of bacteria. Enriched with Aloe Vera and hyaluronic acid for optimal skin comfort.

Apply to the affected area at least twice a day or as advised by your doctor. Also suitable for children’s skin.

• Irritated, reddened skin, redness mask

• Minor skin damage

• Abrasions

• Sunburn or burn

• Perfect after dermatological peels (microdermabrasion, fruit acid peels) or laser treatments.

It is important to choose the right formulation for each phase:

LE BAUME (light cream):
LA POMMADE (rich ointment):
end of PHASE 2, PHASE 3 and healthy skin
LE GEL (silicone gel): PHASE 3
CICAFILM (silicone plaster): PHASE 3

PHASE 1 – Inflammation phase
PHASE 2 – Proliferation phase
PHASE 3 – Conversion phase